Other Local Instructors

Jeylan is fortunate to know well the great performance abilities of these other excellent bellydance teachers (listed in alphabetical order).  Please do give them a try!

Chelydra, beginning and advanced bellydance as well as Mid-Eastern folk dance, classes, workshops and instructional videos, Wednesday evenings in Newport News, http://www.chelydra.com/index.shtml
Noor and Brianna, tribal style bellydance, Thursday evenings in Yorktown, Lapis Moon (performance troupe), neferteri@cox.net, studio website:  http://www.countrybootleggers.com/

Dessert Jewels, Sonia, and A'mel A'nan.  A very fun group of ladies of different levels makes up their troupes.  Lakewood Dance and Music Center in Norfolk (441-5833).  Sonia can answer questions at:  savanegas@yahoo.com 757-717-0063.
Kalaa.  Virginia Beach & Chesapeake.  A professional and beautiful dancer who also organizes some great events.  Website:  http://kalaabellydance.com/
Ursula.  A personal trainer, a certified Pilates instructor, and a funny lady.  Website:  http://www.dance-ursula-dance.com/

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